I tried to explain RCS to someone today. They said it sounded great and asked how much it costs. I said it was free. They asked if it was any good. I said yes, and that it had been in use for probably 10 or 15 years. They wondered how it could be free if was so good when you often pay so much for other (crappy) software. At this point I tried to explain the concept of open-source software. I did explain that using RCS is not the easiest thing in the world. (Usually powerful tools are not extremely easy to use.) I demonstrated how to check in a file. At this point the person became slightly agitated, and walked away making a comment about having to be ‘checked in’ somewhere if they had to do that everytime they modified a file…

Actually RCS is 20 years old according to the rcsintro man page

I finally got around to getting MySQL and perl talking to each other properly on my OS X box, what with the proper modules and so on… It’s something I should have done last year, ah well… Let the fun begin…

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