I’ve been doing a lot of Linux related things lately. Linux is the ‘well, we’ve got this old, crappy piece of hardware that no one wants, what can we do with it’ operating system, to some extent. That’s not meant to be negative, that’s a compliment. See, I’ve got an old PowerMac 8500, and rather than run Mac OS 8 or 9 on it, or attempt to run Mac OS X on it, I’ll most likely put Linux on it. I could try Darwin, but it’d still be a bit of a struggle. As I’m learning more and more about configuring Linux, it’s good to have a spare box or two to load and learn, and if you lose it all, well, no huge loss… The only good thing about people buying Wintel machines is that in a few years, they outlive their usefulness as a Windows PC, and can be converted into a Linux server. That’s how I got Decstar and Brew. Decstar will hopefully be a web server on the world wide web soon, I don’t think my Aunt could have imaginged that when they upgraded their home PC and gave it to me 2 1/2 years ago…

Isn’t there a site for people who’ve switched from using Windows to using Linux? I suppose that’s Slashdot

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