Since Doc and well, everyone else is doing it, I thought I should disclose my position. I used to work for a large corporation named [DELETED] doing all sort of work in the field of [DELETED], but now I work at a smaller company named [DELETED], and do mainly [DELETED] work, which I sometimes enjoy [DELETED] [DELETED] [DELETED]. I do not speak for the company I work for, honestly I don’t think they even know I exist sometimes. I’ve never been paid to write anything that appears here, but if the right amount of money was waved in my face, you can bet I’d give it some serious consideration. We’re talking retirement amounts of money, or at least quit working for the man^H^H^H company and start my own business bucks… I really would like to love doing the work I do, but it hasn’t happened yet. I think people who do truly love doing the work they do are the luckiest people around. I like some of the work I do, and, well, that’s it for today kids… [DELETED] [DELETED] [DELETED]…

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