This weekend was the trick ‘r treating weekend. Emma was a cowgirl and Maddy was a fairy princess, or medeebal (aka ‘medieval’) princess depending on who you asked. We hit the downtown businesses Saturday afternoon until they got tired of walking (about an hour) and then that night did the neighborhood, again for about an hour until they were pooped out. We got lots of candy of course, and we all ate too much, except Mom who is much smarter than Dad or the kids…

Sunday we went out to the relative’s house and did some more. Maddy got tired quicker this time, even though she had a stroller at her disposal, and we went back before everyone else. Still, lots of candy once again. All in all a successful trick ‘r treating experience… Favorite costumes: Home-made SpongeBob costume that someone made out of a big cardboard box, with great attention to detail… also the ‘fancy’ lads, a group of young boys dressed up as girls, quite hilarious…

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