Mac OS X – solid, reliable, UNIX… right? Hmmm, my Quicksilver G4 does some weird stuff. Pretty often I can’t get it to awaken from sleep. I first thought it was just that the monitor wasn’t being recognized or something, but it looks more like something weird is going on. I have to force it to reboot fairly often, so much for uptime. I’ve got a USB hub with a few devices attached, could that be the problem? This has just started recently, post Jaguar. And speaking of Jaguar, Apple’s Mail.app is killing me. Has it got worse? Or has it got worse for people on a dialup? I routinely can’t even download my mail because it takes so freakin’ long, and it often just gives up, and doesn’t tell you it gave up. Sometimes I get doubled-up messages, most of the time it seems much slower than it should be. If I got a day or two without downloading mail, I need to log in to my ISP‘s webmail and delete all the damn spam just so there aren’t too many messages and Mail.app won’t choke… argh… I’m considering ‘switching’ to another mail client… again…

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