We got a used refrigerator recently, and while it was suggested that transporting it upright was the way to go, we transported it on it’s side. After the initial startup, and a day of running, it was determined that it was not cold enough. We worried. We wondered. Had we done something wrong? Is it ok to transport a refrigerator on it’s side? Never fear, I consulted Google, and found out that it is ok, as long as you allow the oil to drain back down to the motor, we waited long enough, two days in fact. I ended up cleaning the coils and everything else, and raising it up a bit off the floor. Soon all was well, it was cold as it should be. Oh, the most interesting thing Google had to tell me was the story of moving a refrigerator with a bike! Bikes at Work has lots of other neat bike realted stuff too… Thanks Google! (We used a van, btw…)

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