From Daring Fireball, That Finder Thing:

In the OS X Finder, double-clicking on a folder produces completely different results depending on the visibility state of the current window’s toolbar. This is madness.

I miss the old Finder. As is the Mac-way, under pre-Mac OS X, the Finder just worked! And it worked fast, and it worked as you would expect it to work. And you could use labels, and… That’s probably one reason I spend so much time in the terminal, because the Mac OS X Finder is problematic. It’s gotten better, but I was hoping Jaguar would see massive Finder improvements instead of minor ones… I did use NeXTSTEP a bit, and I’ve got nothing against it, but right now I’m using Mac OS X, and I want to be using Mac OS X, not NeXTSTEP. Apple, fix it dammit!

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