The Content Thing weblog is very interesting. It’s a look into the CMS that Network World Fusion is using, and how they are using it. For even more fun, read up on the CMS they used to use, and how well that all worked out. I have this sinking feeling that history is repeating itself elsewhere in the world right now…

Oh look, it is… Here’s another horror story from CMS Watch. Though the author thinks there are two solutions, buy a system, and extend it, or build one from scratch, I think there’s a third option, and it’s this: Find an open-source CMS (with a license you can live with) and dedicate resources towards building exactly what you need. This has a number of advantages, but basically they can be summed up in one word: Freedom. If you can find a system you like, and you’re lucky, you have the freedom to do with the code whatever you see fit, you have an active and diverse community that you can look to for support (and possibly a consultant pool) you don’t have to worry about the vendor going out of business, being bought, or changing direction. You’ve got a system that is being used by many groups/people not just your own… I know there can be disadvantages as well, but in my mind, the pros outweight the cons, and honestly I’m not sure if I can think of any disadvantages that are unique to an open-source solution that might not also be applicable to a commercial solution.

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