From the PenguinREPORT:

As you may know, I’m using Movable Type as the tool for Frankly. Digging through the code is clearly a lesson in clean and functional programming. It’s also a perfect example of the wonder of open source. This wonderfully functional tool is provided at no cost to anyone who wants to use it. In a commercial form, this is a package that could easily sell for upwards of a hundred dollars…

Now, we all know Movable Type is not open source. Ok, maybe we don’t all know that. Do we all know that Movable Type is not provided at no cost to anyone who wants to use it?

Once again, I’ll add my disclaimer. I like Movable Type, it’s a great piece of software. I like the Trotts and Six Apart. The only thing I don’t like is the license for Movable Type. Usually I just choose not to use the software, rather than complain about it. Instead I complain when others disregard or don’t understand the license, as above.

I don’t expect Six Apart to change their licensing or business model to please me, I think they’re doing things right over 90% of the time. (Which is pretty good!) I probably wouldn’t care if Movable Type wasn’t such an awesome application.

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