Apple has died more times than that kid from South Park. Oh, wait, they haven’t died yet, it’s just been reported that they will die real soon now for the past 2 and a half decades…

According to this NewsFactor/OSOpinion’s article:

…the company’s market share has declined in each of the last five years…
If the decline … continues, it is very likely that Linux will take the number two spot in the desktop OS market from Mac by the middle of 2003

Of course! That’s why we see Windows, Linux, and *BSD users so interested in switching to Mac OS X. People freakin’ love Apple. they love Apple more than their relatives and pets. They really love Apple more than Microsoft. These people will continue to support Apple. Steve Jobs knows this, he’s no dummy. If he can’t keep Apple afloat based on that, then he’s not even trying.

Apple wants to boost revenue from software, but right now, every Mac system is very likely to be providing revenue for a Microsoft Office product and Internet browser…

Huh? How much revenue is Microsoft making off of their Internet browser? I mean, they’re sharing all the profits with Spyglass right? As I’ve said before, I’ve own many Macs, and never personally purchased any Microsoft software.

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