I know, I’ve talked about tabs enough, right? Wrong… See, my computing experience is all about the tabs.

For browsing, it’s Mozilla, and I suppose if I only used Mac OS X I might be in the Chimera fan club. When it comes to text it’s jEdit which also does the tab thing, and does it quite well. And ever since iTerm came out I’ve come one step closer to tab nerdvana which is the highest state of tabbed interface computing that cam be reached. Sure the Finder isn’t tabbed, well, not yet anyway, but you get my drift.

Luckily jEdit is quite customizable, so picking the keys to switch between tabs was easy. I like the left and right arrow keys, which in Mozilla don’t move you between tabs, but work as the back and forward buttons do. In iTerm, it’s easy to customize the keys used by editing the nib file in Interface Builder and tweaking it. Those nib files and Interface Builder bring back the old ResEdit days for many apps…

So Mozilla, jEdit, and iTerm are my main applications. They’re the first three icons on the dock, and they’re almost always running. You can see why the tabbed thing is kind of important to me.

If I’m elected, I promise tabbed applications for everyone!

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