So Dave’s getting a job. I’m surprised someone hasn’t started a pool on how long he’ll last. I don’t mean that to sound negative. Dave tends to move on in his focus. The last time I recommended a UserLand solution, one of the warnings I put into it was that UserLand seems to change the focus of their tools fairly often. Still, it seems weblogging is the one interest that’s lasted beyond all else.

The positive spin is that Dave tends to look at a lot of things. Though I sometimes think he tends to look only as far as his tools will take him. Nonetheless, I admire his statement upon accepting a new job:

My goal is to do as little work as possible.

That’s what I tell every employer who has ever hired me. I mean, that’s what I’d like to tell them, but I think that instead of a job they’d offer me a quick trip to the curb…

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