Mark has an interesting approach at generating revenue through premium services, but here at RasterWeb! we plan on implementing a different approach. We plan on providing the same old content – nothing new or special or groundbreaking – and it’ll only cost one US dollar per day. What a deal! You get all the same stuff and no fancy ‘extras’ or ‘bonus’ material to distract you!

I know what you’re saying, How can we do this, How can the folks behind RasterWeb! afford to pay every reader one US dollar per day just to read the RasterWeb! web site? Well, honestly, we haven’t quite worked that out yet, but know this – we put you, the reader, first. Well, second anyway. Ok, you’re in the top 5 for sure…

So check your mailbox, your one US dollars should start appearing shortly. If they don’t it’s obviously mean that either you’re not actually reading RasterWeb! or we don’t have your personal information on file. If we don’t have your personal information on file just keep waiting, once we get all your personal information on file you’ll be placed on the waiting list for your one US dollars. You should start to see your one US dollars appear no later that 2038.

So basically:

  1. We provide content
  2. You read the content
  3. Profit! (for you, the reader!)

It can’t go wrogn!

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