Now that the home office is in the basement, I’m discovering a few things. The sound of the space heater isn’t too annoying, but what is annoying is the sound of the furnace, especially when the heat from the furnace is essentially ignoring the basement and traveling to the rest of the house. The basement gets the bad side of the furnace (the noise) and very little of the good side of the furnace (the heat) so all I can say is Argh

It is nice to have a controllable lighting situation, and cable television in the office. In the summer it should be cool enough down there (let’s hope so since the whole furnace/air conditioning/ventilation thing could present more issues.) I’m mainly worried about the fall when the bees come to visit. I’ll try not to think of it for the next 6 months…

Oh, the desk now has three computers and three monitors on it. When they’re all turned on and running SETI@Home it looks like a remote office for NASA

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