My slow blower can’t compare to the likes of the one at the phpMP offices. See, the snow blower I’ve got is what we refer to as, well ‘dinky’ best describes it.

It’s electric, not gas powered. So there’s a big long extension cord (or two) involved. I bought it at a rummage sale in the summer for dirt cheap. I plugged it in and it worked. Yay. I bought it. I got it home, plugged it in and it worked. Yay again. Then came winter. Then came snow. I plugged it in and it didn’t work. Boo. Hiss. I brought it into the house to see what was up. I took it apart. Looked at it. Kicked it. Etc. After while it worked. See, I learned that the electric snow blower I bought for cheap really doesn’t like cold weather. So if it snows, I need to take it in from the garage and put it in the house to warm up before I can use it. That’s seriously messed up.

I’d like to thank my neighbor Erv for removing the snow from our sidewalk earlier this week, because if I had tried doing it with my electric snow blower that doesn’t like cold weather, I’d probably still be doing it.

I know, as a homeowner with a long driveway and a sidewalk, I should have a large snow blower like every one of my neighbors does. But I just can’t justify purchasing something that is used so damn little each year. Not when there’s important things to purchase like organic produce.

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