If this web site had a special categorization for automotive problems, it would have quite a bit of activity in it. As frequent readers know, our luck with cars is not good. We’ve blown out (or blown up) tires, transmissions, batteries, pump, and various parts that probably do nothing but the car won’t function without them… But this time… arghhhh…

See, yesterday I get ready to leave for work. I unlock and open the side van door. I then close the side van door. (I do this so the kids can get in quickly for school.) So after the side door closes, I heard this sound like a big sheet of ice falling off the back window. One problem. There was no ice on the back window. The process of closing the side door of the van caused the back window to shatter. At this point I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get to work on time.

I then figured I’d make some sort of cardboard/plastic window, and I’d take the van instead of the car. I then found out that duct tape won’t stick to anything when it’s below zero outside. I give up, decide to work from home, and attempt to come up with a plan.

A plan you say? What plan? You call an auto glass specialist, and they fix it. Sure, if you’re one of the elite ruling class with many dollars in the bank. That would not be us. After receiving a clue about how much getting the glass replaced might cost, we get an alternate plan. This is, in a nutshell, the alternate plan: Go to junkyard. Buy van door from smashed up van. Switch doors. How did the plan work? Well, we didn’t match the color, so we’ll have to paint it once it gets warm enough, which should be June or July around these parts, but we did get a door. We haven’t put it on yet either. I will require assistance in doing this, and there will most likely be cuts and bruises involved, and since we’re dealing with wiring there’s always a chance of getting a nice electrical shock along the way as well…

So that’s what happened yesterday, and why I still hate cars.

Oh, and I was so sick all weekend I could barely move. Not that it has anything to do with the van hating us, or me hating the van, but I thought it should be mentioned…

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