I was trying to figure out why I was so tired and having a hard time staying awake. Could it be staring at SQL code within perl code all day? I noticed that Meteorologist said it was 72 degrees, definitely time to stop staring at the monitor and go outside. A quick jaunt outdoors and one time around the block should wake things up. It’s weird to see big piles of snow outside after Meteorologist tells you it’s in the 70′s, but we just ignored the snow, sure it would disappear soon enough. As we got back inside, we noticed that it was warm, really warm. We hadn’t noticed this before. We then noticed that the wall thermometer indicated it was roughly 78 degrees in the office. Very uncool. In fact, the opposite of cool, it was warm! So here we sit, sweating… staring at code again… and trying to stay awake…


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