Though I can find nothing about them at lays.com or fritolay.com, I recently found Lay’s potato chips that are touted as natural, and upon checking the ingredients it seems there are only three: potatoes, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, and sea salt. Now, the true health concious amoung us will not be surprised by this, most ‘real’ natural or organic foods have few ingredients. Sea salt is better than that crappy plain old salt many people and products use, and expeller-pressed is the way to go if you’ve got to use oil. but what about the potatoes? They aren’t certified organic potatoes, but you know what, it’s a start…

Finding an almost all-natural product from a major brand name is a good thing. It wasn’t the case 10 years ago, it probably wasn’t even the case 5 years ago. It’s a nice surprise, and one I hope more large food companies provide.

I should also mention Full Circle (owned by Topco) which is like the generic-equivalent of natural and organic foods, available in your supermarket today (if you’re lucky…)

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