I missed the fact that Looksmart acquired Grub, though what Grub says is that they have ‘joined forces’ with Looksmart.

Anyway, I read about Grub long ago, but never installed it, it might be time to give it a try. I found this interesting bit about Grub:

If you own or operate your own web site, Grub will allow you to run a “local” crawl of your site every night. This is a great way to ensure that all of the content on your site gets crawled.

Now for the big question, is Looksmart one of those ‘evil’ companies to avoid, or are they OK?

Still, I think the future might be in a ping type notification of updates, such as exists in the weblog work with blo.gs or Weblogs.com. It just seems to make so much more sense. I mean, does your HR person stop by everyone’s desk each week and ask if you’ve moved, or had a child, or changed your phone number, or do they rely on you to tell them when some change has occured.

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