Slow Weak

It’s been slow. It’s been weak. It’s been a slow week…

It’s been slow. It’s been weak. It’s been a slow week.

Updates are as such:

I took the kids out fishing in the canoe this week, we had a great time. Emma caught one fish. The home-made anchor worked fine, though you should note that when using a canoe, you really do need two anchors to prevent spinning around in circles.

In the ‘stats-geekery’ department, I finally got around to configuring the heck out of Analog, so I might have something to say about stats/bandwidth/etc real soon.

I still don’t understand why people enjoy using forums that contain almost nothing but photos from other people’s sites (using other people’s bandwidth) with almost no originality or creativity from the people who post. Wow, I can use Google’s image search and paste a url into a form. Sheesh… (Coming soon: allowing and denying action.)

I wish I had more time to write lately, as I have plenty to write about.

I’ve seen more than one instance this week of people who’ve basically said “Clean, valid, proper HTML? Why bother? The browsers will support crap, so I’ll write crap.” This of course is sad, really sad. I hope this isn’t the beginning of a standards backlash.

And now you’re gonna die, wearing that stupid little hat. How does it feel?