Ok, so iTunes (and 99 cents) will get you that song you want, but it’s not an MP3 is it? It’s some sort crazy protected format that limits what you can do with it, right? Sure… I think it’s in DRM format or something…

I’ve got a Mac with sound output. I’ve got a Mac with sound input. I’ve got cables. I’m not some audiophile phreak who would care about the degradation of the digital/audio/digital conversion process that much. Wait a minute, that’s too complex, what if I download a song, burn it onto an audio CD and then rip that CD back into MP3′s, what happens? Problem solved?

I guess the problem is still somewhat the laziness factor. I mean, the whole idea behind an easy to use, and affordable online music service is that it’s much simpler to pay for it, and play by the rules than to break the rules, or find creative ways around the rules.

I’ve never liked rules…

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