Like Russell said “I’m in Wired News” in a piece titled Search Results Clogged by Blogs, there’s a quote from me. Here’s part of it:

He believes the trick to achieving prominent search rankings is fairly straightforward: “update frequently and provide good content.”

Yes, that’s me quoting Wired News quoting me… and that’s the so-called secret I tell everyone who wants a popular site. Of course ‘good’ is going to mean something different to everyone, this isn’t rocket science, right?

Aside from that though, it really seems like the old saying “any publicity is good publicity” right? I mean, what’s the difference between being famous and infamous? Well, supposedly if you are infamous then you are somehow bad, but ultimately they both mean “well known” right? I suppose until the search engines can start to determine the meaning and context of words and phrases we’ll be seeing the infamous alongside the famous. Which might actually be a good thing…

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