I know we’ve all been told at one time or another to RTFM, and I usually do, but due to the fact that we’ve lived in four different houses in the last six years, we’ve, um… misplaced a few manuals along the way. I’m sure you’ve done the same, unless you’re a real bureaucrat who enjoys filing everything in triplicate.

So, due to the fact that I’ve not always been able to find the fine manual needed, I’ve hit more that a few web sites looking for the manual, and let me tell you, a company that manufactures consumer products, and wants to improve the customer experience, would do well to provide easy to find PDF‘s of all of their manuals for download.

I’ve managed to get quite a few manuals for our major appliances, and it’s quite helpful to have them around, even if you still have the original dead-tree version. When the female asked me how to program the speed dial on our phone, I said “What’s the model number?” and had the answer, and the manual, within a few minutes. Hooray for companies that get it!

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