When using Mozilla for mail, I can choose between reading a message as Original HTML, Simple HTML, or Plain Text. I tend to choose Plant Text. This allows me to see all message using a consistent font, which the choice of face and size that I selected, instead of say, 72 point bright pink Helvetica. This is a feature. This feature appears missing from the version of Thunderbird I’m running… Did I miss it? Is it not there? Please tell me where it is, or if it’s not there, put it in. It’s a good feature. (Looks like there’s probably a workaround.)

Oh, I’ve also put Thunderbird as well as Firebird onto my old Wallstreet PowerBook, replacing Mozilla, at least for a little while, as I test them out a bit more. Thundebird has some odd bug where 85% of the menu bar is rendered in Japanese-like characters, but it still works just fine. (Perhaps the next build will fix that issue.) As I’ve said before, both of these applications are very good, and I’m sure they’ll only get better.

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