There is much hub-bub about RSS 2.0 and whether the aggregators should be using the guid or the link element to provide a permalink to the original entry. (In fact, the guid itself might not even be a permalink, though by default it is unless specified with isPermaLink=”false”) If you listen to Mark, he’ll tell you that he’s doing RSS 2.0 the way it should be done, and the tool vendors (the folks who make aggregators) are most likely doing it the wrong way.

Well, I’m not exactly a tool vendor (a tool perhaps, but not a tool vendor) but I took the time to update my AmphetaDesk skin to use guid’s if they exist. I’ve also written up a simple explanation if you want to patch up your copy of AmphetaDesk‘s templates. It’s a hack, as it doesn’t really check for the isPermaLink element, so if it’s false, something funky might happen. That’s ok, funky is as funky does, and I’m sure Morbus will fix it in the next release…

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