I have a confession to make. even though I’ve been using computers for well over 20 years, I am unable to use a standard office fax machine. There’s some sort of mental block there. I used to think it was because fax machines don’t have a mouse, or perhaps because they don’t have a command line. I don’t know… but I do know that it take me an average of 5 attempts to send a fax. Do I have to dial a 9 first? Do I dial a 1? What does the alternating beeping mean? Mysteries of the modern day office, indeed.

Now I can send and receive faxes, as long as they come in from eFax, and get sent via capturing them with the flatbed scanner, and sending them via software. Otherwise, forget it. You’ll either get 4 copies from me, or you’ll call me back asking if I ever got a chance to fax it. I might as well send email with an attachment.

There, the truth is known. I can’t operate a fax machine.

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