Want to learn what “user experience” is all about? Read this account of using BuyMusic.com (You can also find the article on Blogcritics.org)

And still, companies still think they can just take a quick look at things that Apple produces and make a cheap copy and somehow make a killing financially. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen things that are modeled after Apple products that miss the little things, the details, and those details are often what it’s all about. Those details are things like the user experience, things you don’t see listed alongside RAM, megahertz or drive capacity in those Sunday ads. When people say they prefer to use a Mac it’s usually because of those unmentionable reasons, the pure joy of using something that just works and is a pleasure to use. Usually when people ask why they chose a Windows machine over a Mac it’s because “it’s cheaper” or “they have more games” and while those might be valid reasons for some, I don’t play enough games to care, and my time is more valuable to me than the frustration of dealing with Windows.

Here’s my side note, I titled this ‘DontBuyMusic.com’ because I thought I was being witty with my commentary and all that, but you can of course visit dontbuymusic.com or buymusicsucks.com if you are so inclined… And if you are not so inclined, just look around, and you’re likely to find more criticism of BuyMusic.com out there.

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