In case anyone is keeping track of this stuff, we started this weblog 6 years ago. This is well before the term ‘weblog’ existed. So can it really be called a weblog? I mean, I guess we were doing this stuff before we had a name for it, or we were doing it, not knowing what it would be called. Or something like that.

Anyway, we’re still not using Blogger, or Movable Type, and now were not using TypePad either. At least to maintain this site. Oh, no Radio either, though we once used Frontier, and once used Pike, actually we used Radio too for a short time I think. Anyway, now we used a hacked up collection of perl scripts and such, and as soon as a system comes along that meets our requirements, we’ll consider switching.

Oh, as for the 6, since starting this here ‘weblog’ we’ve moved three times, had a second child, changed jobs once, and probably written a zillion lines of code…

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