Whew, missed this last week, as I was out, but it seems people think that email is broken, or at least email is somehow having some sort of problem. I wouldn’t really know it if it wasn’t for the hype from everyone else. I’ve had no problem getting my mail. I don’t have a huge increase in spam. I seem to be getting my mail fine, and sending it fine. What’s the problem?

Yeah, I know, I don’t use Windows, and if I did, I’d be using Mozilla products rather than IE and Outlook anyway, but I think the real trick is, I don’t really know people who use those things. Ok, I know people, but obviously I’m not their friend. By that I mean, I don’t seem to be in their Outlook address book, or in their IE cache, or whatever is required by the latest MS flaw-ware that allows Windows to go nuts like a disgruntled postal worker on speed.

I remember a few years back when there was some virus that emailed everyone in your Outlook address book, and at work everyone was getting it except me, due to the fact that either I’m a loser with no friends, or my friends use good software.

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