I stayed up much too late last night, as I heard that Dashboard Confessional was going to be on Last Call with Carson Daly. Now, I hate that show, and I always switch channels after Conan is done, but had to try to see Scott Schoenbeck on national television, even it if was 1 A.M. (and I figured it was making up for missing Davey and his Ring band not once, but twice on Late Night…)

I’ll say this of Dashboard Confessional, I didn’t like them. I mean sure, the kids seemed to dig it, the boys swayed, the girls swooned, and some even sung along, but really, it had none of the raw power or sensibility of Self Denial, none of the grace or character of the original Cleveland Bound Death Sentence… Scott, where’s that Sears employee we once knew? Where will Blood, Guts, Death Inc. shop for those much needed dismemberment tools?

“Stop by Sears, I’ll sell you some hardware” indeed…

(For the 99.999998% of the readership that has no idea what I’m talking about, just ignore this one…)

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