So I’ll be out in the D.C. area next week. The last time I was in D.C. was about 10 years ago. I saw Pat Grahm, I changed the tire on the van, I upset the guitarist from Verbal Assault (well, he wasn’t in Verbal Assault at that time) played a show with Born Against, used food stamps, and spent some quality time folding J-cards. Oh, and I managed to watch a 6 hour video on the subject of 7 Seconds being on tour. When I told the locals I watched the whole thing, they we’re quite amazed, as even though they owned the video tape in question, none of them seemed to be able to claim they watched the whole thing. I saw no landmarks of great significance while there. The only history I learned concerned Kevin Seconds and his acquaintances.

Oh, and I got a Rain Like the Sound of Trains demo… That was probably the highlight.

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