Well, I did my part. I thought I should help out my dad, provide him with a web browser that was more standards compliant, more powerful, had less bugs, and less security holes. So the other day we installed Firebird, so that he can use that instead of MSIE if he so desires. The number one feature to discuss was pop-up blocking. We also covered tabbed browsing briefly, as well as going over bookmarks and a quick run through the preferences.

My uncle then said he had some computer problem, a pop-up that just wouldn’t go away. I wrote http://mozilla.org/ on a scrap of paper for him with some simple instructions to download and install Firebird.

For the next family gathering, I should just bring along a few CD‘s with the most recent Firebird release on them. (I did give a CD to my dad, which included Thunderbird… maybe next time we’ll get into that.)

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