In a certain workgroup I happen to be involved in, we’ve implemented IM using AIM. So while I personally would like to see our own Jabber server implemented (you know, security, control, and what not) for now AIM will do. The presence part of IM is something I find very interesting…

On to clients! For Mac OS X I use Fire, but for you poor Windows bastards there’s always Trillian. I’ve not personally used any version of Trillian, but I’ve heard a few people say that Trillian Pro is quite good. As for my own Windows box, I thought I’d try out Gaim. Gaim has a Windows port, which includes the GTK+bits, so it’s not a difficult install, and the features seem fine. (Again, I’m not an IM guru, so don’t take my opinion too strongly.) Gaim will do fine for those rare times when my Mac is unavailable.

Are there any other AIM/IM clients for Windows I should check out? (Open-source is preferred) Let me know

Next on the to do list: perl aimbots

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