When you’re at the office, and you see someone wearing a tie who never wore a tie before, it’s your duty to go up to them, and ask this question:

Hey, got a job interview today?

Stand back folks… Let the hilarity ensue!

If you’re feeling particularly edgy, you can try this one:

Going to a funeral? Who died?

Though be warned that if someone actually did die, you’ll look like an insensitive jackass… Comedy can be that way sometimes…

If the funeral thing seems too risky, you can choose from:

Got a hot date tonight?


Getting married today?

Obviously, for maximum effect, the date one should be used with people who are married, and the married one should be used with single people. Or is it the other way around. I can’t remember which was funnier in the tests we conducted…

If you don’t think any of these will work, you can always try:

What time is your hearing?

Again, if the person you ask this to actually does have a court appearance scheduled, you might get in trouble. Especially if they’re prone to violence.

Nonetheless, I guarantee that the person wearing the tie, who never wore a tie before, will find this all quite hilarious.

(Note: I do not own a tie…)

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