I find that lately I’ve been much more meticulous in my code formatting, making sure that programs have some sort of docs within them, making sure all whitespace is properly aligned with code, having a consistent number of blank lines between pieces of code… Things that would probably be normal (if not required) were I writing large scale apps in Python, but being that I’m sort of the lone Perl hacker around here, I will attribute it to one of two things, either my compulsive personality, of the realization that even though much of what I do is write one off things, on the chance that something I write isn’t a one off thing, or has pieces that I can reuse, it makes sense to make them more readable when I do have to go back to them.

And it just feels good to make the code look good, even if it doesn’t run that good. On second hand, maybe it’s all due to my compulsive personality…

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