Cool Blue coaster/pager
We recently went to out to eat, which is something we don’t do much of, and in the old days, when you had to wait, you would give the hostess-type person your name, and they’d call it out when a table was ready. Not anymore! They handed us this big blue coaster with an LED inside of it. Oh, it had a lot of LED’s but only one was lit up. You hold onto this coaster and when it’s your turn the thing lights up like a christmas tree and starts to vibrate. Yes, it’s the Coaster Call from the folks at LRS.

I was actually surprised they didn’t take it a step further, and sell advertising space on the coaster call, because the first thing I thought when I saw “COOL BLUE” was that it was some kind of alchoholic berverage. Those guys at Long Range Systems might be missing out on a goldmine…

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