The Smart Friend

Jeremy says: "And I just know I’m gonna waste time screwing with Windows."

Ahhh, the holidays are here! Jeremy says:

And I just know I’m gonna waste time screwing with Windows.

I hear ya, Jeremy. as I’m sure you know, you are a computer guy, and not only that, you are a smart computer guy, so it’s not surprising that people would expect you to know how to fix a computer.

I help my Dad with Windows issues as well, and I’ve never purchased a Windows PC in my life. I’ve used Windows, but only when forced too, not by my own choice, but when we get down to it, I know enough about computers to poke around Windows and attempt to figure things out. Well, at a high level anyway, I won’t be messing with the registry or anything…

Oh, and before you all head off to the relative’s for the holidays, burn a few CD‘s containing the latest versions of Firebird and Thunderbird for those unfortunate Windows using people. You might also provide information on the vulnerabilities of IE and Outlook, and suggest that stopping popups and spam are great holiday gift from programmers around the world…

(If that last bit tended to ramble a little, I’ve probably had too much egg nog…)