Lots of work has been happening in the Drupal world lately, and the admin section is getting better by the day. Hopefully everyone working on it will keep up the current level of improvements, and we’ll soon have a nice little system to deploy.

I’ve not yet deployed Drupal here because it still doesn’t work the way I do. I think if you’re considering a new publishing system to replace your current system you’ll find two things:

  1. Systems that conform to the way you work
  2. Systems that force you to conform to the way they work

Right now Movable Type is the first one, while Drupal is the second one. In my mind all systems should probably be able to conform to the way you work, while being able to suggest that the way they work might be a better alternative. (This reminds me of the Mac OS X dock controversy.) Drupal’s taxonomy is probably a lot more powerful than Movable Type’s category system right now, of course things change quickly on the internet…

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