Trash is not Recyclable…

Linux has made great strides, as has Windows, but as often is the case, they are still missing the details. And the details are what often set things apart.

Take a look at the Lycoris Desktop. There’s a page titled Take Out The Trash. I know, the title is meant to be cute and friendly (something Linux is usually not) but the text of the page reads:

Your deleted files are stored in the trash until you are truly ready to bid them farewell. You’ll never accidentally delete an important file, because it stays in the trash until you are sure you no longer need it. A simple right click empties the trash at your convenience.

Lycoris Recycle Bin

The word ‘trash’ appears three times in the text. Look at the accompanying photo and you’ll see something called ‘Recycle Bin’ and a command titled ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ in the contextual menu.

It may seem like I’m picking nits here, but think about telling a novice computer user how to delete a file.

To delete a file, drag it to the trash.

Where is the trash?

On the desktop.

I don’t see it.. but there is something called the ‘Recycle Bin’ – should I recycle my file?

The trash is not the recycle bin and vice versa. If you don’t believe me try dumping all your leftovers in your recycle bin and putting it out by the curb. In some places you’ll be fined some outrageous fee.

Lycoris Recycle Bin

jEdit’s Dict Plugin

Today we look at jEdit’s Dict plugin. What does it do?

This plugin searches the word(s) you give it in the dictionary. Basically implements client side of RFC 2229 and allows the user to search in 12 databases.

Ok, so invoking the plugin brings up a dialog, you type in the word(s) and click ‘OK’

jEdit's Dict Plugin dialog box

jEdit then presents the definition in a new window. Simple, eh? Sure, but you can make it even more simple, if so desired. You could add a contextual menu command to right/control click and look up a word, or you could add a toolbar icon if so desired…

Ok, that’s enough jEdit evangelizing for today…


MTX Searching?

The “Internal Search Word Report” tells me that these words were searched for in November:

  • skating
  • cow

(Dr. Frank would be proud.)

I fully expect this to be followed up with the words “surfing” and “cow” in December…

Don’t let me down folks!


Back… with cats!

We took a short break, a hiatus if you will, but we are now back, and we’re not alone…

The cats: Lucy and Tinkerbell
As you can see, this site is now complete, as it features a photo of cats. Go ahead, check the manual. A web site cannot be considered complete until it contains at least one photo of some sort of cat. Whew, I’m glad that’s over.

Yes, these two cats, going by the names of Lucy and Tinkerbell, can now be found within our house. This would be because they live with us. We adopted them, they’re not related, but both of them were orphaned, and had no family. Now they do. The last relationship I had with a cat lasted over 20 years, so this could be interesting…

For all you dog lovers in the crowd, don’t worry, we’ll try to keep things equal. I mean, I still deal with all the dogs that seem to crap on my lawn way too frequently. I’m joking, we love all our animal friends. Except the birds. All birds must die! Ok, not all of them… Still, we’re not too fond of the birds… But what do you expect, we’re cat people now! (And oh what we have to look forward to!)