Since I’m one of the half dozen people who don’t use Movable Type, but actually use a home-grown CMS, I get to do things like add my own, and other people’s code, into my system. So what’s the latest addition? It’s the Feed Validator. Mark mentions bringing it to the people, and I’m all for that. So now when I create an entry, and the pages are rendered, the four feeds we’re providing are checked using a local copy of the validator. If there’s a problem, I’ll know it before anyone else does, unless I’m not paying attention or something.

The other recent relevation is that you should subscribe to your own feed. I never even though of telling people this because I thought everyone was already doing it. So with the combined might of the downloadable Feed Validator, and actually viewing my own feeds in aggregators, I’m pretty darn confident that I’m producing well formed and valid feeds. So there! ;->

(Don’t worry, you’ll still see plentey of speling erors heer and their… they’ll just be contained within valid markup.)

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