What to do with that bad XML? Aaron suggests I beat it with a stick. A stick made out of either HTML::Parser, or XML::Simple, or perhaps Tidy. At least I think that’s what he said…

As usual, Aaron is about 25 feet above me on this stuff, so I’ll take me some time to investigate his suggestions… I suppose I could just use the Universal Feed Parser, of course it’s written in Python. I might have to make some exceptions here…

Aaron also does some crazy transformations of XHTML 1.1 to Atom, and there’s some hackery titled atom03-to-rss as well.

Speaking of atom2rss, or as it’s called, the Feed Normalizer, is an Atom translator (to RSS) that Phillip Pearson put together.

Of course it’s written in Python… No matter. I’m starting to think this is the year I actually Dive into Python… I’ll let you know next month.

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