The Other Matrix

Matrix Expands to Wisconsin … To quote our friend Bender, “We’re boned!” (See: The MATRIX and MATRIX Misconceptions…)


Almost April

Photo Matt seems like a smart guy. So does Dave Shea, but I think they’ve both been had. Matt mentioned that Lockergnome was returning to what I’ll refer to as crappy markup practices. This was also commented on by Dave at mezzoblue talking about standards as a continuum.

Now, I don’t claim to be smarter than either of these guys, but I do claim to be able to look at a calendar. Mine says it’s March, and I happen to know that after March comes April. April 1st to be precise, which is also known as April Fools Day.

Obviously this is a prank by the people at Lockergnome. Oh sure, you think it’s too early, it’s not even mid-March! Ah, the element of surprise! If they mentioned this too close to April 1st, it would blow everything.

Mark my words, this has to be a joke. Because only a damn fool would consider tossing out clean, valid, semantic markup for total crap.

Oh, just in case I am wrong, feel free to apply that ‘damn fool’ label to the folks at Lockergnome…


Radio Days

I drive too many hours each week, so audio content is a good thing for me. No, I’m not a proud iPod owner, but I got a Rio last year, and it works just fine. I even built a dashboard mount for it…

So where do we find good audio content? Let’s take a look.

The Linux Show is one I usually try to catch. The sound quailty isn’t the greatest, probably due to 4 or more people all talking on phones from various places, sometimes airports, or hotels, or in the deep tunnel project… Besides that, the content is good if you’re into the Linux/open-ource stuff… They’re always looking to upgrade equipment, so it should only get better.

Your Mac Life used to provide downloadable shows each week, but have stopped since they now sell these through an subscription or individually through the iTunes Music Store. Definitely a show for Mac-geeks. Hardcore Mac-geeks, though not hardcore *nix-Geeks, as they don’t get into tech issues quite that much but tend to focus more on the Apple-as-a-lifestyle and the Mac as your ‘digital hub’ type stuff. Still, an interesting show it is. It runs about two and a half hours. Oh, if you think time-shifting is an option, you can just record the stream, which they offer free for one week after each Wednesday night broadcast. If you do this, don’t tell them about it, as it will upset them because they feel they are losing money this way. I won’t go into business models here, do what you will…

WebTalkGuys Radio Show. Ok, we’ve covered Linux, and the Mac, what about Windows? ;) Ok, it’s not a Windows show, it’s a ‘web’ show, though you can tell it’s got a slight Windows lean to it. Anyway, they do have some interesting content. The show feels almost squeaky clean though. It’s definitely got a professional feel to it, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard any sort of controversy on the show, which makes it seem a little limp compared to the others. The do tend to have good interviews, but they lose points for suggesting that Google had created Atom. (Listen to the 2-14-2005 episode, about 5 minutes into it.) They call Atom a new kind of RSS that’s not RSS. Hurm…

LugRadio is the newcomer, with just two eposides under their belt. I’m still listening to the first one, but it’s good so far and they’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. It’s done by 4 blokes in the UK. And I mean blokes! You might think it’s called “Luhg Ray-Dee-Oh” but it’s really “Loog Rah-Dy-Owe” Thick accents for sure! Besides that, it reminds me of the old Geeks in Space show, a bunch of guys sitting around discussing whatever. There really should be more of these shows. (I’d do one if I had the time, and people geographically close to me interested in such a thing.)

Besides the shows, there are also interviews.

Christopher Lydon occasionally has one that will interest me, but I almost always get good stuff from Doug Kaye at ITConversations. Doug does an awesome job of talking to interesting people. Since I can usually count on the quality of material from ITConversations, I wrote a script to parse the RSS feed with enclosures and download the newest stuff. It’s that good.

So concludes our radio notes for this time. Tune in again for more of the same! Did I miss a good show? Let me know


Limited Mirror?

I had this idea for an application. A mirror that has limits. I don’t know if this exists yet, but here’s the idea. Let’s say I wanted to be a mirror for a popular download. In this case, a completely legal MP3 file. I would put the file on my server, and provide a download link. Instead, it would be cool to put the file on my server, and have an application manage the serving of the file, so we can track the number of times it’s downloaded, total that up, and then make the download unavailable when bandwidth has exceeded a certain limit. When the bandwidth limit is exceeded, it should send you to another mirror, or to the original download site.

For all I know, this exists, perhaps CPAN or the SourceForge mirrors already do this. Of course maybe P2P is another solution. You know what, nevermind…


Photo Not Available

I’m sure you’ve wondered what’s up with the lack of photos around here? Well, the camera is somewhat broken. By somewhat I mean that it seems to work about 5% of the time. If you turn it on and off repeatedly. Which, in reality, means that it doesn’t work. It’s like a car that only starts on Sundays, it ain’t gonna get you to work…

I’ve attempted to troubleshoot it, but to no avail. My troubleshooting included hitting it really hard, which is the technique that works well with our television when it gets cranky. So the next step is to try to track down some info using the InterWeb. I’m not too hopeful though. I did get it as a manufacturer refurb almost two years ago, for right around $150 US dollars. While at the local Radio Shack I noticed that some of their cameras were less than $100, and had double the resolution. Still, I’m one for fixing what I’ve got rather than throwing money (I don’t have) at a problem to fix it.

In the meantime I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see Bigfoot, Nessie and perhaps a few UFO‘s while the camera is non-functional…