News Flash: Someone Really, Really Likes IE!

Don’t believe me? See: I Love This Browser! for proof:

…what we do every day at work – make Internet Explorer the best way for browsing the web. I realize that statement will cause some people to chuckle based on current press on security issues and perceived lack of innovation, but that is my job.

Well, ok… Perhaps someone loves IE because it’s “their job” and we all know you have to do your “job” else the man has no use for you… Still, I give credit to Scott Stearns for posting this. I also have to give credit to Microsoft for opening up like this, I can’t imaging being given the task of writing for IEBlog. Especially right now.

Many of the comments to this post are stupid and childish, but you can expect such things. Some do make very valid points though, so it’s worth a read.

I personally don’t care if IE gets improved, fixed, whatever, since it’ll only be available for one platform (Windows) it’s pretty much useless to me. I prefer that it “go away and never come back” as Smeagol might say.

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