Gotta love the Scoble! His post titled “New iMac out, why not get a Tablet PC instead?” had this comment:

Because I have to use a PC at work but I can chose my own home computer.

This is something I’ve heard (and seen) time and time again. Which brings me to this:

People switch to Macs… Companies switch to Windows…

Really, this is what I’ve seen. Companies switch from using Macs, to using PC‘s running Windows in the hopes that it will cost less, and be easier to support. Don’t get me started on this one because I’ve dealt with it for over ten years now… But when it comes time for people to get a new computer for home, I’m never surprised they choose a Mac instead of another Windows machine. Most cite the fact that they are sick of the security holes, or want something that “just works” or is based on *nix, or even cite the “coolness” factor.

Am I off on this? Are there companies that switch from using Windows all around, to using Macs? (This decision is usually based on one or just a few manager’s decisions.) Do you know individuals who have dumped their Mac for Windows?

Maybe I’m way off, but I’ve said it before, a great deal of people I respect and think are really smart (well, smarter than me anyway ;) seem to use Macs…

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