I’ve tried to get an iPod, but lacking the needed funds and the needed friends, so far have all but failed… Sure I’ve also entered sweepstakes and drawings, but so far nothing…

Russ is a Kerry supporter, and Keith is a Bush supporter. Me? Well, I’d like to think I could get away with not voting for the rich white guy, but since that probably isn’t much of an option, I’d be willing to, um, support a candidate based on who can deliver to me a working iPod.

Now, this is not selling my vote, because that would be wrong, and probably illegal. All I’m saying is that I’d be greatly influenced to vote for whoever you suggest if that suggestion appeared on a note attched to an iPod that showed up at my front door.

I mean, I’d like to be involved in this whole iPod platform thing (see notes on renko) but without an iPod, it can be a bit difficult.

(Failing this scheme I’ll continue to search out innovative ways of acquiring an iPod…)

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