I swear, as time goes on, I wonder more and more how people can build systems that rely on Windows, or use Windows for anything critial, see Microsoft Graphics Bug Threatens Systems:

The more serious of the two vulnerabilities allows a specially malformed JPEG graphic file-when viewed in any of a large number of Microsoft products-to compromise the system, allowing execution of any attack code.

Years ago, I remember telling people you could not get a virus simply by reading an email. Later I had to update that to “by reading a plain text email” and now, well Microsoft has done it again, made the impossible possible! Thanks Microsoft, for bringing us the future!

I like how IT folks will send out messages warning people not to open zip files, when zip files are not the problem. Will they now send out messages telling users not to view JPEG files? They often neglect to mention that these only affect Windows users, could it be because they are the ones that choose and install Windows systems? We users of Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, heck any non-Windows platform, normally don’t have such concerns.

I have this vision of utopia, it’s working at a shop that does not use Windows. I did it before, I sure would like to do it again… Is it still possible?

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