I have not really written much about this podcasting thing, and believe me, I could write volumes… I’ve been experimenting with the concept for years and years now. It’s nice that the tools to make it easy are starting to show up…

Adam has got iPodder.org as sort of a hub for this “iPodder platform” and podcasting stuff, which is really starting to catch on. Many of my old scripts to automagically download content are no longer needed as RSS 2.0 feeds with enclosures are starting to appear.

This is all just the beginning. Sure, I’ve got my “little” stuff over in the Audio section, but I’m not really pushing it, I’m more of a kickstarter, and things have been sufficiently kicked…

Just today I was discussing VoIP with someone and they said that their office phone system, which uses VoIP, sends you your voicemail as an email with a wav file attached. Sounds nice, but why not provide an RSS feed of your voicemail with enclosures, so you could sync your iPod as you run out the door, and listen to all of your voicemail on the go. Crazy idea? Maybe…. The point is, there are many applications we might not have thought of yet.

There’s getting to be more daily shows/audioblogs now, and my time is being stretched. (I currently drive about 90 minutes a day and really don’t want that to increase!) I wonder how this will work. Will there be just a few well known shows? Will people shorten their shows? I mean, in 1997 there were a handful of weblogs, and you could read them all during your lunch break, but now we use aggregators to subscribe to hundreds of feeds, and we always have new content, and we rely on being pointed to the good stuff. Perhaps as more people listen we’ll just get into the mode of hitting the episodes that interest us. It’s an interesting problem. I won’t get into the audio/search/metadata thingy right now, as that’s something for another time.

Thank you, and goodnight…

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