As mentioned previously, I’ve installed Asterisk and started testing it out to see what it could do, and I now have a phone system in my home. You can call the basement office at 776, or the upstairs office at 777. Xten’s X-Lite is running as the softphone. (Though I think the little iMac in the upstairs office could use a bit more RAM.)

Right now it “works” and that’s all I’ll say. I haven’t done anything fancy yet. Performance isn’t great, but we’re running Asterisk on a medium-powered Linux box, and as mentioned the iMac is a little underpowered. The G4 seems to work well though, and I’ve also got Asterisk running on an old G3, though that box hasn’t been stressed much yet.

I told everyone in the house that they could call me, and leave a voicemail and I’d get it as an email. I don’t think they were terribly impressed, but then, it’s the mom and kids, not an O’Reilly conference.

It’s all so very exciting. If you’re into that whole computer, phone, VoIP, talking thing…

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