The Nokia 6585 (the female’s phone) is now fully charged and ready to go. I spent some time last night getting used to the interface, playing with the settings, and testing the games. (Or is that testing the settings and playing the games? ;)

Voicemail is set up, we’ve made calls, and received calls… All is well. Ah, I did think about making my own version of the form used to send text messages to it. Unfortunately US Cellular is not as nice as AT&T Wireless, which has the text message form, but also allows you to send text messages via email. (I may have to write an email-to-http-post gateway for US Cellular…)

I’ve not been too happy with either provider’s web sites. US Cellular is running SilverStream, which I’ve always disliked, though the site seems to work, and AT&T Wireless is running Sun-ONE. I seem to get error messages from the AT&T Wireless site every now and then, but it looks like they just switched to Sun-ONE so who knows.

I did try to check on my order with AT&T Wireless, and here’s my complaint: I order early on Thurs. Nov. 4th, and now on Fri. Nov. 5th it says it “will be shipped on or before Tuesday” which I guess would not bother me too much except for the fact that there is a link on the page that says “Order today and get your phone Monday.” I guess they don’t say what Monday. Oh, there is also a note saying “We ship 95% our orders the same day*” Yeah, see that asterisk? That points to the disclaimer disclaiming that from always being the case.

So far the customer experience isn’t stellar, but I’ll try to reserve further judgement until I actually have a phone.

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