Can you believe those Tivo folks? The nerve! I mean sheesh!

But what can you do? Dump your Tivo!

Here’s what you will do: You will disconnect your Tivo, you will contact me for my shipping address, and you will then ship that stupid Tivo to me.

What will I do? I will take all of the Tivo’s and make sure that those Tivo folks never get any more money from Tivo subscriptions (you can trust me, I’m cheap and will not pay for it.) I will also sacrifice (some of) the Tivo’s by destroying them, probably by running them over with my car, or dragging them behind the car, or by smashing them with a hammer, or stating them on fire. I will attempt to take photos of this, or video (once I get a new digital camera to replace the broken one, or a new video camera battery and video-to-computer device.)

Listen Tivo owners, I’m on your side, who else can say that!?

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